335i 2013 F30 N55 Top Mount Turbo Kit


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Hi guys, I thought I would share some news on what we’ve been working on at the shop. We have ourselves a new player in the N55 upgraded turbo game. With such great results with the N54 turbo kits I figure why change things.? We will use all the same great parts (Precision, Tial, Vibrant) even the same size exhaust tubing, hell we are even using the same head flange.? There have been some tweaks but the new kit is practically the N54 kit. We just had to make some small adjustments to accommodate the new chassis.? So we know the kit is easily capable of 700 hp. But we also know the N54 motor is known to hold much more power than the N55. We have decided to use a smaller 6062 Gen2 turbo for now until we throw a built motor in it which will max out at 650whp and will produce a very factory like spool.? The one thing we made sure to focus on was to keep drivability.? It’s one thing to make 600hp, but its another to have that type of power and having the car start up and feel like it is completly stock. So far I have only put a few miles on the setup. I am running only off the wastegates right now which is set at 10psi. Terry has sent the single turbo firmware for JB4 so hopefully I will have time to load that up this weekend and start to control boost. I am also working with Precision Raceworks with their fuel components to get some good fuel in before we hit the dyno. More info to come but for now I will leave you guys with some pictures. I will have some videos soon also to show how the exhaust sounds with a tubular manifold and open wastegates.


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